Iver Village

E - Safety

Advice for parents about keeping your child safe when using the internet, social networking websites and online gaming.  What we do at Iver Village to keep your child safe:

  • We use filtering software on the school internet
  • We talk to your child about E Safety and include it in the PSHE curriculum
  • We have guidance for students, staff and parents about E-Safety
  • We have a ‘e safety' policy, which includes cyber-bullying

Code of conduct letter                       IVIS e- safety policy

Play this activity to learn how to spot dangers and keep yourself safe online.

Online safety check lists

These check lists provide a quick reference guide to help you talk to your child about keeping safe online


Where can I get more information and help?

Think You Know     www.thinkyouknow.co.uk

  Child Net               www.childnet.org.uk                               

BBC Guides             www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/help/safesurfing

Cyber Smart Site     www.cybersmartkids.com.au                     

Chat Danger           www.chatdanger.com                            

Cyber bulling          www.digizen.org/cyberbullying  

Net Smart               www.netsmartkids.org  


 These are just a few-there are many more that you can use. You can just search the Internet for E-Safety and help as well.