Iver Village


Outdoor Learning Area


Iver Village Infant school has its own dedicated area which has been developed as an Outdoor Learning Area, Muddy Puddle.

Our outdoor learning area offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland or natural environment with trees. 

In this area children are given the ability to not only learn about the world around them but take natural risks. It also gives children the opportunity to develop their independence whilst being aware of safety and the consequences to their actions. Having the opportunity to learn outside can help to develop many social skills such as communication and teamwork and can be used for many aspects of the curriculum.

Throughout the year all the children will have access to this outside learning area.  The walk to the outdoor learning area allows the children to discuss with each other what they see and hear on the way, what they might explore and a time to reflect or contemplate the awe and wonder of their natural surroundings.

The children are taught skills such as leaf, tree and mini-beast identification, how to tie knots and other joining techniques so that they can build dens. They will also learn how to use tools safely.

Staff are on hand to encourage active learning and participation, supporting the children in their interests.  At base camp resources such as flora and fauna identification books, magnifying glasses and digital recording equipment are available for the children to use.