Iver Village

Year Two


The purpose of Year Two at Iver Village Infant school is to equip our children with the academic and personal skills necessary to flourish in Key Stage Two.  We tailor our curriculum to the interests of the children and aim to support them to develop inquisitive minds and a love of lifelong learning.

By the end of Year Two, our aim is that all pupils will:

  • Read fluently, using inference and deduction to demonstrate understanding
  • Write a variety of text types independently
  • Ask and answer questions using a wide and technical vocabulary
  • Secure a command of the four operations in mathematics, using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations
  • Develop resilience and persist with tasks that they find challenging
  • Show independence in social settings, building positive relationships with friends


In Year two, we have two classes, Oak and Beech.  Each class has a class teacher and a teaching assistant.


In all areas of the curriculum, we build on skills that are developed in Year One, as well as learning new ones.

Our Creative Curriculum encompasses areas such as History, Geography and Art and Design. It’s a knowledge and skills-based curriculum with a creative edge and is based on a theme. Please see the topic themes that the children will be enjoying throughout the year:

Statutory Curriculum Overview -  This document contains all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) broken down by subject.

Long-term curriculum overview:  


End of Year expectations

All of our learning builds up to the end of year assessments. We use a mixture of the, currently compulsory, test papers provided by the Department of Education and the ongoing teacher's assessment using the interim 'Age-Related Expectations' to secure our judgements. We work collaboratively with other schools to ensure that our judgements are robust and accurate. 

Interim teacher Assessment Framework