Iver Village

Our Vision  

 Caring   Learning   Growing

Our vision is to create a learning environment that inspires our children to achieve the best they possibly can and to continually strive to improve themselves. We want our children to thrive, to have confidence and ambition to learn.

We will provide a safe working environment that enables our children to take calculated risks, make decisions, ask questions and to be independent individuals. 

We recognise that learning can take place both inside and outside the classroom. We will know this is happening when we hear the "buzz" of happy children absorbed in their learning.

We will promote inclusion and encourage children to find ways to overcome any barriers for learning.

Our school will be at the heart of the Iver Village community.

We provide our children with opportunities to set their own values preparing them for their future life ahead.

The culture of our school is....

"We can't do it YET!"