Iver Village

Our Vision and Values.

Working together at the heart of the community to transform lives; caring, learning and growing

Our vision


We believe that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. Through our contextualized curriculum we are unrelenting in our ambition to equip every child with the skills they need for lifelong learning. We aim to develop confident, resilient learners who are responsible and empathetic, with a strong grounding in modern British ideals ready for their next steps in their educational journey.

Core to achieving high standards and successful learning is teamwork and positive partnerships among all stakeholders ranging from the children (who are central to every decision,) to governors, parents and the wider community.

Every individual child matters here. We meet, via positive partnerships and attitudes, the individual needs of each child. We endeavour to develop the whole child within a safe and secure environment where differences are celebrated. We promote sustainability and an awareness of the wider global issues through our curriculum and the links made within our local and global communities.

We believe that this is achieved together as a community, where all stakeholders work together.

Vision for learning

  • Our vision is to create a secure and stimulating learning environment where all achievement is valued and celebrated. We set high standards of learning where children will be valued for their individuality, culture, and heritage.


We the staff, parents and governors aim to provide an opportunity to develop:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Confident independent individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their community.


Parents, staff, children and governors all worked together to develop our ‘Iver Village Infant School Child’ values in a child-friendly and memorable way so that the children can own them and live them in the school.

The Iver Village Infant School Values

C – Cooperation

H – Happiness


I - Individuality

L - Learning

D - Determination

I will listen carefully to my partner whilst solving problems.

I will work in a group with others and take it in turns to share my ideas and listen to their thoughts.

I will be kind to others and make them feel good about their learning and successes.

I will focus and engage with my learning and help others to focus as well.

I will take responsibility for solving problems and use different strategies to help. If I get stuck I will ask a good question. I will recognise when I can do things for myself and when I need some help. 

I will be a brave learner and always try my best. If I get things wrong or make a mistake I will bounce back and have another go.