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GOVERNORS meeting minutes

Please click on the meeting to download the minutes. Minutes will be uploaded when they have been approved at the next meeting so, for example, the Minutes from the Autumn term will only be available after the Spring term meeting. 

Any minutes from more than a year ago have now been archived and but are still available if you email the Chair of Governors at governor@ivervillageinfant.co.uk requesting the meeting you would like a copy.

IVIS FGB Minutes November 2021

IVIS FGB Minutes June 2021

IVIS FGB Minutes March 2021

IVIS FGB Minutes November 2020

Standing Order for the Governors Autumn 2020

IVIS FGB Minutes June 2020

IVIS FGB Minutes March 2020

IVIS FGB Minutes November 2019

IVIS FGB Minutes June 2019

Standing Orders for the Governors Autumn 2019