Iver Village

School Lunches

School meal menu

Children at Iver Village Infant School enjoy the opportunity of having healthy fresh-cooked meals every day. 

Our meals are provided by Taylor Shaw, who supply lunches to many schools. It is our goal to ensure that meals appeal to a wide range of children with differing ethnic backgrounds and tastes.

Taylor Shaw's primary objective for catering at Iver Village is to provide pupils, staff and visitors with a choice of homemade, nutritious and well-balanced meals. Menus will reflect the requirements and tastes of pupils and staff and will be continually monitored to ensure the menu choices encourage the highest levels of uptake.

A three-week menu cycle will be changed seasonally, in consultation with our Development Chef who works closely with the school and the Council.

Taylor Shaw will ensure red meat is available at least twice a week and fish at least once a week, which will include an oily fish. Vegetarian protein options will include beans and pulses and there will always be a choice of two bread/cereals or potato choices.

Freshly cut fruit and fruit yoghurt will be available every day as an alternative to the daily homemade dessert, a treat once in a while such as ice cream on a Friday helps to add a bit of fun into school meals for pupils

Even if you choose not to have a school dinner, the Pupil Premium will benefit the pupil and the school. The link below will take you to further information about Free School Meals and an application from. There is also information about who is eligible for FSM.

Free school meals and pupil premium application form 2017 - 2018

Packed lunch

Children who do not choose to have a cooked meal can bring a packed lunch to school.We encourage healthy eating and expect parents to choose healthily when creating a packed lunch (this applies to lunches that children take when out from school on educational visits and trips).

An example of a healthy packed lunch:

A sandwich (no peanut butter) No crisps except baked snacks eg. Baked crisps, cheddars. A wafer biscuit e.g. Twix, Kit Kat, Blue Riband. Yogurt and a piece of fruit. Bottle of water or juice. No sweets, fizzy drinks, nuts or chocolate (unless covering a wafer/biscuit)

A fruit scheme is offered to all Infant children at morning break which is sponsored by the Government through the Healthy Schools Programme. The under 5s also benefit from milk that is on offer during the day, cooled water is also available throughout the school.